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Dr. Rosie DVM

Basic Indoor Cat Needs

To enhance the well-being of indoor cats, we've created a "resource checklist" along with recommendations for implementing positive changes.

Understanding cats is easy, we just need to know how they live in their natural environment, and then make sure we meet their needs. Outdoors, cats hunt for food, hide from predators (often by climbing), and defend their home territories. Indoors, these behaviors may look hostile (biting and scratching) or spiteful (climbing and marking), and we may not like them.

A Purrfect Start

Below are features that an "ideal" cat-friendly house might include. While your cat(s) may not require all of these features to thrive, making your home more "cat-friendly" can enhance your relationship and ensure years of enjoyment together.

Ideal - House

Informed Owners

As a cat owner, educating yourself about feline behavior is one of the most important steps you can take. The following resources will help you better understand your cat's unique behaviors and needs.

Educate Yourself

Lets Talk About Litter Boxes

Ensure there is at least one litter box per cat in your household, and clean them daily. Additionally, discover other ways to improve your cat's living environment.

Lttter - Acy


While you're aware that cats enjoy scratching, understanding why and how to encourage "proper" scratching is essential.

Kitty Claws

Resting Areas

While it may appear that cats spend most of their time sleeping, there's a reason behind their seemingly narcoleptic tendencies.

Sleepy Cat


Everyone appreciates a pleasant view, including cats.

The Views


Cats require recreation as well!

Lets Play

Do you even hunt bro

Determining your cat's prey preference

The Hunt

Implementing changes

To help your cat feel secure and thrive, consider implementing the following changes.

Lets Change

Safe Space

These are not your kids safe spaces! Lets talk about it.

Hide & Seek

What is that smell

Feliway... It's just what the doctor ordered.