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Dr. Rosie DVM

Lets Talk About Litter

Ensure there is at least one litter box per cat in your household, and clean them daily. Additionally, discover other ways to improve your cat's living environment.


  • Scoop the litter box at least once a day to remove waste.
  • Wash the litter box with mild detergent and water once a week.
  • Ensure the litter box is kept clean to prevent your cat from avoiding it.

Type and Size of the Box:

  • Use a large, uncovered litter box for easy access and ample space.
  • Consider boxes with high sides or covered boxes if your cat tends to scatter litter.
  • Provide low-sided boxes for kittens or older cats with mobility issues.

Litter Substrate:

  • Use fine-grained, unscented litter, as most cats prefer this type.
  • Avoid scented or deodorant litters, as they may deter your cat from using the box.
  • Choose scoopable litter for easy daily maintenance.

Location and Number of Boxes:

  • Place litter boxes in quiet, easily accessible areas away from appliances or air ducts.
  • The Golden Rule - Provide one litter box per cat plus one extra box.
  • Position litter boxes on every level of your home for multi-story dwellings.

Other Considerations:

  • Avoid sudden noises or surprises near the litter box area.
  • Do not place litter boxes in "tight spots" that are difficult for your cat to access.
  • Monitor your cat's litter box habits and make adjustments as needed.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting:

  • Monitor your cat's litter box habits for any changes.
  • If your cat avoids the litter box despite proper setup, reach out to me for possible health issues. Your cat could have a sever disease problem or feel threatened by something in their environment.
  • Consider environmental factors that may be causing stress or anxiety for your cat.

Properly setting up and maintaining your cat's litter box can help ensure a positive elimination experience and prevent behavioral issues related to litter box avoidance. You can also look into our Education Videos and/or our Problem Solving section.

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