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Dr. Rosie DVM


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Well, as you know, I was a client for Dr Bruce Lewis, and almost exclusively saw him. Unless it was for something simple like shots with one of my rescues or one of my personal show dogs. But the day I came in straight from the pound with the young Mastiff female, who had necrosis in her foot that you could smell, you were the one that was there immediately. You realize her care could not wait. What amazed me was the links that you went to to save her leg, light therapy, and so much more calling in specialists that were friends to help keep my bill down for the Rescue you loved on her every day while she was at the vets office with you when I would come to visit. Sometimes your fiancé would be there, talking positive thoughts to her and loving on her, telling her how wonderful she was and letting her know she could get through this. After all of your efforts, I know you felt terrible happening to take her leg. But I know you tried to save her. Leg and her life. You kept her from going septic and dying through everything. It was from that day forward that I realized what a truly caring wonderful talented Vet you were and from then on I had no problem bringing my personal dogs as well as the rescue animals to you. You had gained my full trust with the care you took of Boudica a.k.a. Beau. I cannot tell you what a loss it was for Dr. Lewis’s office when you left to be closer to Family; but I truly understood your need to go. And just know that if I am ever in your area or you are in my area, I would definitely use you as my vet with complete trust knowing my animals would have the best care.

Dr Stolzer has treated most of my own dogs and our cat if not all of them. She also treated some of our rescue intakes for our rescue and even saved several of them who would have passed away otherwise.
She is caring, honest, and right to the point. She will tell you what’s going on, what the best way of treatment is, and she’ll make sure we follow up. She is an amazing vet and missed big time here in Las Vegas.

Extremely impressed with Dr. Rosie's knowledge of both traditional medicine and homoeopathic approach.

Dr. Rosie was our vet for 9+ years. She always goes above and beyond for her patients. She is constantly looking for the best care and cost efficiency. My dogs always got excited to see Dr. Rosie walk in the room. It was never a growl but always a happy bark. She truly makes you feel comfortable and confident in EVERYTHING she tells you. I cannot say ENOUGH great things about Dr. Rosie. She gave me extra years with my pitty with her disease, something she spent a lot of time researching and trying to find the cause of for my girl being physically sick. When I got the news of Dr. Stolzer leaving her practice, I broke down crying not knowing what to do or where to go next. I only trusted two vets with my dogs and she was one of them. I am truly jealous of her new practice and patients she gets to work with. She will forever be missed!!!!!!! PS. If you can thank your vet, thank them with wine! LOL

Thank you Rosie for all you did for my girl. She was my life and you treated her with so much respect and love.

Hands down my favorite veterinarians that I have seen to date. After going through many before, Rosie shines bright over them all! Thank you Rosie!

Thank you for all you do Rosie! Best wishes on your new store, you will definitely get our business!

Dr. Rosie was my vet for many years. She went above and beyond helping with my rescue cats. one needed so much dental. Was a skinny littlething. With our dear Dr. my little pretty girl lived another full happy year. she also helped me at the end of two more of my rescues, ashe, and my much older cat Baxter. Dr. Rosie is a true animal lover. She Checks in on all of her patients to make sure they get well and healed. I know she doesnt know this, but I saw the subtle tears when she had to euthanized 3 of my fur babies over the years. She always makes time to answer a question, or let you know what she thinks would be the best treatment, but gives you the best information possible. All of you who now call her your vet, your babies are in the best possible hands. We truly miss her here in Las Vegas. If we could come and steal her back, we would in a heartbeat. We all love you Dr. Rosie!!

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