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Dr. Rosie DVM

Understanding Cats

Understanding cats is straightforward; we simply need to observe their natural behaviors and ensure their needs are met. In their outdoor environment, cats hunt for food, seek shelter from predators by climbing, and defend their territories. When these behaviors are exhibited indoors, they may appear aggressive (biting and scratching) or destructive (climbing and marking), which can be challenging for us to accept.

Understanding cats is easy, we just need to know how they live in their natural environment, and then make sure we meet their needs. Outdoors, cats hunt for food, hide from predators (often by climbing), and defend their home territories. Indoors, these behaviors may look hostile (biting and scratching) or spiteful (climbing and marking), and we may not like them.

The keys to enjoying cats in our lives are to:

  1. Provide acceptable outlets for them to express their natural behaviors.
  2. Protect them from potential threats.

Cats have a different social structure compared to dogs and many other domestic animals. While dogs and humans often hunt in groups for larger prey, cats are solitary hunters that target smaller prey. This hunting strategy has influenced many aspects of cat behavior, which can sometimes be misunderstood by owners.

By understanding these behaviors, cat owners can create a more enriching environment for their feline companions.

Understanding cat behavior can help improve the environment for indoor cats. Some key aspects of cat behavior include:

Sleeping Habits

Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. They may sleep for long periods during the day and night.

Just 5 More Mins please

Hiding - basic Instinct

Cats have a natural instinct to hide when they feel threatened or need a quiet place to rest.

Hide & Seek

Social Habits

While cats are often portrayed as solitary animals, they can form social bonds with other cats and even humans.

Wanna Grab a Drink

Eating Habits

Cats are typically grazers, preferring to eat small meals throughout the day.

I just fed you

This Is my Hood Punk

Cats are territorial animals and may mark their territory with scent glands located on their face and paws.


I'm too sexy for my fur

Cats are territorial animals and may mark their territory with scent glands located on their face and paws.

So Sexy it hurts

I'm not sceered

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