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Dr. Rosie DVM

Eating Habbits

Cats are typically grazers, preferring to eat small meals throughout the day.

I just fed you

  • Cats are carnivores and primarily eat small rodents, birds, and bugs in the wild.
  • Hunting is a significant part of a cat's life, and even indoor cats have a natural instinct to engage in hunting-like activities.
  • When shopping for toys for your cat, consider their natural prey preferences, such as mice, birds, and bugs.
  • Cats often prefer toys that resemble their natural prey and may be more interested in toys that move realistically.
  • Consider toys that mimic the movement of real prey to make the play experience more engaging for your cat.
  • Identifying your cat's prey preference can help you choose toys that they will be more likely to play with and enjoy.
  • Engaging your cat in hunting-like play can provide mental stimulation and help satisfy their natural instincts.
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