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Dr. Rosie DVM


Below are features that an "ideal" cat-friendly house might include. While your cat(s) may not require all of these features to thrive, making your home more "cat-friendly" can enhance your relationship and ensure years of enjoyment together.

Ensuring your cat's well-being involves understanding their basic needs. Failure to meet these needs can lead to stress, impacting their health and behavior. While not all features may be necessary, creating a "cat-friendly" environment can foster a rewarding companionship.

One fundamental aspect of cat care is recognizing that cats respond to praise, not force. Reprimands are effective only if caught in the act. Delayed punishment may cause fear and worsen behavior. Instead, use distractions to redirect behavior without inducing fear.

Designate a space for your cat, equipped with essentials like food, water, a bed, a scratching post, and toys. Place these away from noisy appliances and potential threats. Maintain freshness in food and water, and clean the litter box daily.

Offer appropriate scratching surfaces and praise your cat for using them. Provide climbing structures and window perches for enrichment.

Cats prefer autonomy, so introduce changes gradually and let them choose. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for preventive care and early problem detection.

These tips are a starting point; further guidance is available on our website.

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