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Determining your cat's prey preference

Identifying Your Cat's Prey Preference:

Understanding Prey Preferences:

  • Most cats have specific preferences when it comes to their prey. Some may prefer to chase mice, while others may be more interested in catching birds or bugs.
  • Identifying your cat's prey preference can help you choose toys that your cat will be more likely to play with.

Bird Toys:

  • Gather toys or objects that resemble birds, such as feathers, stuffed toys covered in feathers, or objects suspended in the air.
  • Entice your cat to play by making each object move and fly through the air. Observe your cat's reaction. Does he/she follow the object or ignore it?

Mouse Toys:

  • Next, gather toys resembling mice, such as fur, stuffed animals, furry mice, or balls.
  • Make these objects move and observe your cat's reaction. Does he/she want to chase them?

Bug Toys:

  • Try toys resembling bugs, such as a laser toy, a string with a knot on the end, or dry food or treats tossed across the floor.
  • Alternate between "bird toys" and "mouse toys" to see which type of prey your cat prefers.

Observation and Creativity:

  • Observe your cat's reactions to different types of toys to determine his/her prey preference.
  • Once you know your cat's preference, look for toys that resemble the qualities of that prey. Be creative and think like a cat!

Variety and Adaptation:

  • Offer a variety of toys that match your cat's prey preference to keep him/her engaged and entertained.
  • If your cat loses interest, try a new toy with similar prey characteristics to reignite his/her interest in play.


  • Identifying your cat's prey preference can help you choose toys that your cat will enjoy playing with. Pay attention to your cat's reactions and be creative in selecting toys that mimic the qualities of his/her preferred prey.
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