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Dr. Rosie DVM


Everyone appreciates a pleasant view, including cats.

Fulfilling Your Cat's Curiosity:

  • Cats are naturally curious and need to know what is happening around them.
  • They rely on their senses to understand their environment, including hearing sounds, smelling scents, and seeing their surroundings.

Providing Elevated Views:

  • Cats enjoy climbing and having a perch allows them to elevate themselves from ground level.
  • A perch provides a safe and private place for cats to observe their surroundings from above.
  • Perches come in various shapes and sizes, such as those that attach to windowsills or custom-built perches.

Multiple Perches for Different Views:

  • Having more than one perch allows cats to look outside from different angles, enriching their environment.

Creating an Attractive Environment:

  • Place furniture like a couch, sofa, chair, or sturdy table in front of a window to create a perch for your cat to look outside.
  • Enhance the view by hanging a bird feeder or planting flowers to attract birds, butterflies, and insects, keeping your cat interested and entertained.

Ensuring Safety and Comfort:

  • Cats may feel safer if they can sleep somewhere high, so provide them with places to climb that feel safe and secure.
  • Watch your cat to see where he feels comfortable and consider placing his favorite treats or toys on the perch to encourage him to use it.

Encouraging Exploration:

  • If you prefer your cat to use a different area, offer treats and kind words as you place him there, making the area enticing for him to explore.
  • Allow your cat to approach the area on his own, and he may choose to use the couch, end table, or dresser as his own perch.

Considering Your Cat's Needs:

  • When rearranging furniture or moving, consider if your cat can still see outside from his favorite perch, as this is important for his comfort and well-being.
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