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Dr. Rosie DVM

Events in and Around the House:

  • Loud noises, such as construction or parties, can be distressing for cats.
  • Create a quiet area for your cat to escape to and consider using calming pheromones or soothing music.

Changing Schedules:

  • Maintain Routine: Try to keep your cat's daily schedule as consistent as possible. Changes in routine can be stressful for cats, so increasing playtime, interaction, and grooming can help reassure her.
  • Additional Playtime: Establishing two or more 10-minute play sessions during the day can help alleviate stress for cats left alone for extended periods. Consider having a familiar friend or relative visit the cat during these times.

Changing Seasons:

  • Window Perches: Place perches by multiple windows to provide different views for your cat. The changing sights outside, such as birds and insects, can be stimulating and entertaining.
  • Indoor Entertainment: In the winter when outdoor activity is limited, consider setting up a fish tank or playing a "kitty video" featuring birds and small rodents to keep your cat entertained indoors.

Construction Occurring Outside the Home:

  • Provide a Refuge: Noise and commotion from construction can be frightening for cats. Ensure your cat has access to a refuge and leave a radio or TV on nearby to provide calming background noise.
  • Attractive Perch: Place a perch in a quieter area of the home and make it more appealing by rubbing catnip on it or leaving treats nearby.


  • Access to Refuge: Ensure your cat has access to her refuge during thunderstorms. Playing a radio or TV can help mask the sound of the storm.
  • Provide Hiding Areas: Leave a closet slightly open so your cat can seek refuge inside. Engage your cat in play to distract her from the storm, and reward her with treats and praise to create positive associations.


  • Changes in Environment: Holidays often bring changes to the cat's environment such as guests, schedule changes, and new decorations. Provide your cat with a refuge to help her feel safe and secure during these busy times. Ensure that guests respect the privacy of your cat's refuge.
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