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Dr. Rosie DVM


Ensuring puppies receive appropriate exposure and handling during their initial months is crucial for preventing behavior issues.

Importance of Socialization Period

  • Begins at 3 weeks and continues to around 12-14 weeks, crucial for preventing behavior problems.
  • Puppy's brain develops social capabilities and associations during this period, impacting behavior for life.
  • Lack of appropriate socialization can lead to behavior issues in adulthood.

Components of Proper Socialization

  • Expose puppies to various people, animals, places, and situations without causing fear.
  • Use treats to create positive associations with new experiences.
  • Gradually introduce puppies to tools and procedures they will encounter.

Methods for Socialization

  • Arrange supervised playdates with other dogs to foster social development.
  • Consider enrolling puppies in puppy socialization classes or organizing puppy parties at home.
  • Puppy socialization should continue throughout life to maintain the benefits gained from early socialization.
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